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Post Investment Management

To add irreplaceable value as an operator

We differentiate ourselves from other PE investors through the following points:

1、Research capability

With unparalleled industry knowledge and database, we continue to conduct in-depth research in macro-economic environment, consumer industry and corporates to understand and spot the key trends, analyze consumer behavior, benchmark against global leaders, and tackle specific operational problems

2、Reiterative implementation experience

We strive for operational excellence relentlessly. Our system supports our specific projects we designed for our portfolio companies to achieve best practice in organizational structure, digitalization, supply chain management, product innovation and cost control. The continued implementation experience and reiterative process with our portfolio companies push our team to learn and improve continuously

3、Established ecosystem

Established ecosystem through our partnership with sector leaders in consumer-retail industry enables us to provide industry insights and hands-on approach to add value to our new investee companies