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Recently, our company found that some criminals, in the name of "Jiahua Capital" or "Jiahua Capital", impersonated our staff and published false information through websites, APP, WeChat, QQ, microblog and other online channels.

Hereby solemnly declare as follows:

Our company is a legal private equity fund management organization registered in the China Fund Association. The above fraud is purely the name of our company used by criminals. Our company reserves the right to investigate the legal responsibility of any illegal person who uses our company's name to conduct fund-raising fraud and illegal fund-raising.

We have obtained evidence and reported it to the relevant regulatory authorities. We will actively cooperate with the public security organs and the government's financial regulatory authorities in the investigation. We hereby solemnly remind investors to be vigilant and carefully screen. Please be sure to verify any illegal fund-raising activities online or offline in the name of our company to avoid being cheated. In case of any loss, please report it to the public security organ and the supervision department in time to safeguard your rights and interests.

The official channels of Jiahua Capital include:

Official website: Official WeChat official account: 加华资本(ID:SCHC26) Email: