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Harvest Capital is a team full of ideals and passions, full of the enterprising spirit of pursuing innovation and vigorous vitality. The company provides employees with an environment of fair competition, opportunities and space for sustainable development, as well as generous salaries and good benefits. There are interesting work and trusted colleagues here. Jiahua Capital is looking forward to your joining!

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Recruitment of Canadian Capital Talents | Chinese consumer investment experts, waiting for you to join

Recruitment:Investment VP/SVP Finance


Job responsibilities:

1. Carry out due diligence on the proposed investment project, evaluate the investment value and risk, and write the corresponding report.

2. Quickly analyze the target enterprises and write the bank research report, enterprise pre research report and financing proposal.

3. Prepare the project profit forecast document, establish the valuation model, calculate the investment value and control the risk.

4. Conduct a comprehensive financial analysis of the target enterprise, and participate in the construction of the enterprise's internal control system, comprehensive budget management, accounting, capital management, financial analysis and other post investment management work, so as to provide decision-making support for the enterprise to establish a sound and scientific financial management system.

5. Provide customers with comprehensive financial solution services, including assisting them to improve their financial and accounting systems, building a group financial management system, a comprehensive budget management system, financial and tax optimization, restructuring paths and listing plans.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in accounting, finance, domestic and foreign key universities, CPA or ACCA qualification is preferred.

2. Have independent investment banking business and investment business undertaking and contracting capacity; With experience in investment banking and fund, it is preferred to complete more than two IPO projects and investment projects as project sponsor.

3.More than5 years of working experience in four major domestic accounting firms or consulting companies.

4. Be familiar with financial management, budgeting, cost management, audit and other business processes;

5. Be good at financial analysis and familiar with various valuation models.

6. Have rich experience in listing audit.

7. Skillfully master and use listing terms, restructuring methods, valuation and pricing tools; Skillfully use various investment tools and investment exit tools, design investment structures and plans and exit plans, and be able to make overall arrangements for implementation.

8. Have teamwork spirit and excellent interpersonal skills, and can bear greater work pressure and work intensity.

Recruitment:Investment VP/SVP Legal


Job responsibilities:

1. Drafting, modification and legal compliance review of various contracts and legal documents involved in the company's operation and investment process.

2. Participate in the legal due diligence of the Company's investment projects and the legal work related to investment banking projects.

3. Guide the company's legal practice, draft and modify important business documents.

4. Resolve corresponding legal disputes and handle relevant arbitration and litigation on behalf of the Company.

5. Establishing the legal framework for investment and drafting the legal text for the selection of transaction tools.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in key universities, major in law, proficient in company law, securities law, contract law, domestic listing rules and other relevant laws and regulations, and drafted or modified large-scale legal documents.

2. More than 5 years of investment related work experience, and more than 3 years of investment related legal work experience in law is preferred.

3. Be familiar with legal affairs such as the establishment and management of private equity investment funds, be familiar with relevant requirements of IPO compliance review, and have rich experience in restructuring, listing, mergers and acquisitions.

4. Strong ability to analyze, deal with, respond to and independently solve legal problems.

5. Good communication and coordination ability, expression ability, legal logic thinking ability, rigorous and responsible work.

Recruitment:IR-Dollar fund


Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the formulation and implementation of the fund-raising plan of the U.S. dollar fund, including the formulation and implementation of the fund issuance plan, and the planning and coordination of roadshow activities;

2. Be responsible for establishing and maintaining a good cooperative relationship with listed companies, high net worth individuals, insurance, wealth management institutions, bank financing subsidiaries, master funds, family offices, pension funds, industrial funds, university funds, etc., and constantly developing and expanding new channels for company fund-raising;

3. Be responsible for coordinating the relationship between all relevant parties in the investment and financing process and handling major issues;

4. Responsible for the establishment process of USD fund and the operation and management related to the raising.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, 985 preferred, overseas study experience preferred;

2. Fluent spoken and written English;

3. It has abundant USD LP resources such as insurance, master fund, home office, college fund and pension fund;

4. Be familiar with PE/VC investment industry, PE/VC fundraising and investment and other private equity fund operation processes, and have more than 5 years of financing and fundraising expansion experience in well-known funds, banks, securities firms, etc., and be able to raise funds independently and successfully;

5. Have good moral character and professional ethics, and strong learning ability, executive ability and anti pressure ability.

Recruitment:IR-RMB fund


Job responsibilities:

1. According to the company's business development, independently expand new fund-raising channels and complete the fund raising task.

2. Be responsible for the relationship management and maintenance of fund LP, including LP quarterly material preparation, LP daily communication, regulatory agency liaison, investment intention tracking, capital call, data collection, etc.

3. Coordinate and organize the scheme design, roadshow materials, agreement arrangement, etc. of fund raising, and promote fund raising.

4. Follow up the development of the daily business of the fund invested company, the decision-making of major issues, the review of relevant legal documents, etc.

5. Responsible for building cooperation with relevant government departments, financial platform companies, inter-bank investment companies and other aspects, and conducting strong cooperation and resource integration.

6. Coordinate the promotion and implementation of fund management and other related matters.

Job requirements:

1. Full time master degree or above, major in finance, accounting and law.

2. At least 5 years of work experience in venture capital funds, private equity investment funds and other related investment industries.

3. Be familiar with various financing tools and businesses, and have complete financing projects and successful experience.

4. Have strong market development ability, good financial industry contacts, project resources and social resources, and those with certain financing channels are preferred;

5. Have good analysis and judgment ability, industry research ability, keen insight and strong risk control ability.